Over the years many torrent search engine have come up but none have an appeal as wide as that of TorrentHound. One of the most impressive and feature rich p2p torrent engines on the web, it also boasts of a toolbar with its downloader that allows users to search for torrents and then download files at any place and anytime. Searching torrents is made a lot easier with the ChilliTorrent client. TorrentHound also plays host to a variety of torrents. Finding and downloading old torrents is just as easy as sourcing the latest ones. At last count, the site had successfully indexed close to 1.5 million torrents in its database. The search engine mainly specializes in indexing torrents that have been shared by users on the internet from all over the world.

How does it Work Best

An enormous number of files can be successfully sourced from TorrentHound. However, in many cases some of these files might have copyrights, which might further lead the owners to pursue a copyright infringement case. This is another reason for the constant churning of torrents in the database. Thousands of torrents are literally added and deleted every day from the site’s database. Doing this helps in avoiding the issue of copyright infringements, this can lead to the claims of millions of dollars by the owner party of digital data. Even then, thousands of users across the world continue to create and upload many torrents every day, which speaks volumes about the popularity of TorrentHound.

The proprietary toolbar featured with the free TorrentHound download program enables users to search for torrents of different types across different sites. The toolbar is very high on user-friendly features and makes for quick link searching. However, it has its own set of difficulties to deal with. For starters, the sheer number of different indexes is a big hurdle. Because of this, the task of identifying which torrent links belongs to which user is a daunting one. With more than a million torrents floating around on the TorrentHound search engine, determining which user has the copyrights for a particular file he or she uploaded is a long drawn process. This is where the TorrentHound Downloader comes into the picture. Due to its many filters, searching for the right torrent is made easier.

The tracker also plays a leading role in bringing copyright violators to justice. It has promulgated steps that would ensure that all original content holders have their files indexed in the site’s database. The site’s search engine not only manages the information about the various holders but it also maintains it for future reference. This kind of information usually includes details of personal and official nature. Before any torrent file is indexed the details of the copyright holder, whether the said entity is a professional or an individual, have to be recorded for future use. This helps TorrentHound to track down any violations in the future and bring those culprits to justice. This benefits not only the holders of the copyright but also its own torrent search engine. As for the users, using TorrentHound will not only save them money but also a lot of valuable time.

Advantages of Using TorrentHound

As a BitTorrent search engine, this is one of the most feature rich ones in the world today. Users across the board have been highly appreciative of the comprehensive feature list of TorrentHound and this certainly comes across as no surprise. The search engine is a leading indexer of torrent files with copyrights but ones that have been shared over the web by users across the world. The infringement of these links can lead to damage claims of millions of dollars by the original copyright holders. It can help in a major way to track down these infringers. However, there is a major obstacle to this objective. The site’s search engine indexes thousands of torrents every day and it is a hugely difficult task to identify the rightful owner of an uploaded file among the many who upload their content over the web. You may read more at torrent site. But TorrentHound manages to do the same by including descriptions of all the torrent files that it indexes through its search engine.

The holders of copyright over a particular torrent file can be any single person or even an entity. The owner can be a major actor, producer, actress or even a production house. Such people or major organizations can be the owners of copyrights to any music album, movie, TV show or any other type of media being uploaded on the web by other anonymous users. This is where TorrentHound is of immense help to the copyright holders. It can lead them to the culprits from where they are free to choose their own course of action.

Every copyright holder has a different way of dealing with such infringers. Many of them try to arrive at a settlement with those who have infringed the copyrights. Through TorrentHound, the owner party can seek to compromise with the infringing party, which can result in a mutually agreeable solution to both parties. In the event that a settlement like this does not work, the copyright holders always have the option of taking the infringing party to a court of law. In this manner, it acts a friend and supporter of all those people who hold copyrights to any particular file indexed by its search engine.

The site also uses the services of some of the best minds to help it maintain the balance in favor of copyright holders. Senior architects and anti-piracy programmers are in charge of all details related to owners of all the torrent files listed on TorrentHound’s search engine index. They are also responsible for maintaining the status of every torrent that has been uploaded to the index of TorrentHound. A programmer is also responsible for managing all the torrent files as per separate file names, a task that is beyond the scope of the current torrent system. Further, architects create a database that carries information on the ownership and status of all torrent files indexed by its search engine.